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Scuba Diving Conditions and Activities Report for Cardiff, Swansea, South and West Wales  – I’m very sorry but there is not alot I can say, the diving is definitely a no go in the South Wales area. The swell is huge and so is the weather, high winds , big swell, stormy weather has all affected the conditions for the Scuba Diving across the coast of South Wales. Even West Wales areas have been affected with the adverse conditions. The only real espace would be in land at the sites in Chepstow, Vobster and Bristol. Conditions here will be quite good, the temperatures have been high therefore the water temperature has kept at a very high level for this time of year.

We will be heading inland to train out latest students on the PADI Open Water Diver Courses this weekend for the last time in 2015. Cathering, Jamie and Robert from Cardiff will be heading into the water to complete the Open Water Diver Course to allow them to dive on the expedition they ate attending to South Africa in 2016.

In the new year we are starting our new PADI Open Water Diver Courses and PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Courses in 2016, the water is colder in January and February so the courses will be limited to fewer numbers to make sure that comfort and safety is key in the colder months.

Hopefully the weather will bring better conditions into 2016, but for now have a fantastic Christmas and above all keep diving and keep happy.




Scuba Diving Conditions and Activities Report for Cardiff, Swansea, South and West Wales  I would definitely get in your car this weekend and head off to West Wales because there’s definitely no diving on the Coast near Cardiff, Swansea, Tenby or anywhere on the South Wales coast. There has been very high winds and huge swells across South Wales for the past couple of weeks so the diving conditions have been blow out completely.

West Wales will be alot more protected but still be affected by the high winds and swells, therefore visibility may be affected with the churning of the waters. The forecast is not looking to change either with still big winds and swells, so the best option may be to head inland to the sites in chepstow, Bristol and Frome over the bridge.

We are in the swimming pool this weekend in Hebron Hall in Cardiff holding a Charity Christmas Jumper dive in aid of Save the Children. All are welcome and we simply require a donation of £10 per person plus any sponsorship. We are looking to raise a minimum of £250 for the charity and are well on the way already.

On the same pool session we are also running the PADI Open Water Diver Course and the PADI Rescue Diver course with Jess from Cardiff University and Camarthen. Pool sesions will take a break over the christmas break and will be back in full flow in the new year.


Scuba Diving Conditions and Activities Report for Cardiff, Swansea, South and West Wales  Really only one word for this BAD, BIG WINDS, BIG SWELLS, BAD VISIBILITY. The only possible place to dive over the next couple of days is West Wales as usual. The coastlines of Cardiff and Swansea are a definite no unless you are commercially diving or  slightly mad.

The water temperature is still high and the inland sights such as Vobster Quay have good conditions so the best place for a local dive next to Swansea and Cardiff are the local inland sites.


We are now in full flow training the PADI Open Water Diver course in Hebron Hall in Cardiff on Saturday and 14th/15th November. Students will be attending the course from Cardiff University and Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and Newport. The students will be training on there theory and swimming pool sessions in hebron Hall on Saturday and completing the Open Water Dives on 14/15th to gain the full certification.

The following week we will be running the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course for 5 Students who are competeing the course to gain a higher level of ability and be able to dive anywhere in the orld to 30 meters.

Scuba Diving Conditions for Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales and West Wales areas . In the words of the song “Oh my God I can’t Believe it” the weather is shocking. Storms, Rain, Gales, Swell everything bad for good diving conditions in South Wales and even over to West Wales. Its been a pretty bad year so far for diving in the region and this week really is the final nail in the coffin. I can’t see he visability getting any better for days if not weeks. We can only pray that September is a better month to Dive. I can’t even say that west wales will be any better as the storms are big constant and all over. Time to learn to surf I think.

Due to the bad weather and sea conditions we are going to be teaching the PADI Open Water Course inland again. This week we have Ian, Tom and Jeff form Cardiff, Rob and Daniel from Swansea all completing the PADI Open Water Diver certification which on completion will allow them to dive anywhere in the world up to 18 meters. They have completed there basic pool and theory skills and are now ready for the four Open Water Dives. There instructors will be Dan, Stewart and Paul.

On the 5th September we will be running the PADI Open Water Referral course in Hebron Hall on the outskirts of Cardiff, the course will be taught to students from all over the South Wales Region and on completion will be ready for the four Open Water Qualifying Dives.

Scuba Diving Conditions in Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales and West Wales for the up coming week as usual is looking varied across the region. The exposed tidal areas of Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales are not looking good at all. We have big winds and bigger Swell conditions to cope with and this is affecting the Scuba Diving conditions badly. The visibility is minimal and the undertows, rip currents and inshore currents will be very unpredictable for the next few days. All divers with the basic qualifications such as PADI Open Water Diver, BSAC Ocean Diver should not be in the water in these areas unless under supervision by and experienced qualified diver. PADI Rescue Diver and BSAC Sports Diver would be better suited to the conditions in the area at the moment.

The best option for diving over the next few days would be West Wales in the protected areas of Martins Haven, St Brides Bay in Pembrokeshire. They are far better protected from the wind and the swell conditions and will offer by far the safest and clearest conditions for all qualified divers.

We are teaching the PADI Open water Diver Course at the moment in Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales areas, the course will allow a diver to certify to be able to dive up to 18 meters anywhere in the world, our advice is always for the newly qualified diver to be under supervision so they be protected whilst learning the basics of there new diving experience.