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Scuba Diving Conditions Report for Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

Swell is set to be low on the South Wales coast this weekend and the northerly wind should help to keep it low. The tidal range is also good this weekend, with a high of approx. 8m and a low of around 3m we should have acceptable conditions for diving, particularly in the sheltered bays, such as Stackpole Quay will see the better conditions. Remember the rule of twelfths and look to dive on the incoming tide, which this weekend will be around 11:00 – 13:00.

You’ll still need to keep an eye on the visibility, which could be poor due to the water movement and unsettled conditions we’ve had in South Wales this last week but generally we expect the water course to be settled and safe.

Swell size, wind strength and wind direction are all set to change for the worse into the early part of next week meaning conditions could very well become unsafe, so it’s vital you track the swell, tidal conditions and wind before making any decision to dive, ensuring you are aware of the expected conditions at both the beginning and end of your planned dive(s).

Scuba Diving Training in Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

A break in training this weekend after last weekends PADI Open Water course at Hebron Hall in Cardiff. With the conditions we’re expecting this weekend perhaps we’ll just head out for a pleasure dive somewhere along the South Wales coastline instead.

CAUTIONS – As always with UK diving at this time of year, you need to ensure you have the correct thermal protection, including Hoods, Gloves, Dry, or Semi-Dry, suit and base layers. Be sure to check local tidal times and conditions before making any dive.

Scuba Diving Conditions and Activities Report for Cardiff, Swansea, South and West Wales  I would definitely get in your car this weekend and head off to West Wales because there’s definitely no diving on the Coast near Cardiff, Swansea, Tenby or anywhere on the South Wales coast. There has been very high winds and huge swells across South Wales for the past couple of weeks so the diving conditions have been blow out completely.

West Wales will be alot more protected but still be affected by the high winds and swells, therefore visibility may be affected with the churning of the waters. The forecast is not looking to change either with still big winds and swells, so the best option may be to head inland to the sites in chepstow, Bristol and Frome over the bridge.

We are in the swimming pool this weekend in Hebron Hall in Cardiff holding a Charity Christmas Jumper dive in aid of Save the Children. All are welcome and we simply require a donation of £10 per person plus any sponsorship. We are looking to raise a minimum of £250 for the charity and are well on the way already.

On the same pool session we are also running the PADI Open Water Diver Course and the PADI Rescue Diver course with Jess from Cardiff University and Camarthen. Pool sesions will take a break over the christmas break and will be back in full flow in the new year.