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Scuba Diving Conditions Report for South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Llanelli region

DATE – 23th March 2018

ACTIVITIES – Scuba Diving, Sub Aqua, Scuba, Free Diving, Snorkelling

LOCAL AREA – South Wales, Cardiff, Porthcawl, Swansea, Bridgend, Southerndown, Ogmore by Sea, Llantwitt Major, Aberavon, Stackpole Quay, Llanelli,

SITE LOCATION – Sker Beach, Limeslade Bay, langland Bay, Oxwich Bay, Stackpole Quay

WEATHER – Warmer weather than recently, highs of 9 degrees and lows of 3 degrees, winds are lighter but still cold air coming in to all areas  (http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2648385?day=2) (https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcjqmsw80)


WIND – Wind is variable but weaker over the next few days with Westerly, southerly and south Westerly winds predicted. Friday will see the stronger winds from the West up to 30 mile per hour and then settling until mid week.(www.windguru.cz/5693)

SEA STATE AND SWELL – Big swells predicted and strong Southerly winds through the channel will cause choppy conditions when the wind settles the swell will be good and the Surf big on the push of the tide (https://magicseaweed.com/Southerndown-Surf-Report/4321/)


HIGH TIDE TODAY – HT 9.35pm HEIGHT 8.32 Meters.


Scuba Diving Conditions Report South Wales, Cardiff, Porthcawl, Aberavon, Swansea, Llanelli, Stackpole Quay


The Sea conditions as through out the winter have not been good around the coastline of Newport, Cardiff, Porthcawl, Aberavon, Swansea and Llanelli, the swells and big, sea state rough, visibility low, and all round bad conditions for Scuba diving and snorkelling.

Now the weather were hopefully start to change for the better, with lighter winds and sunnier longer days, we are still running all the PADI courses in the system including PADI Open Water Diver, PADI Advanced Open water Diver, PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Divemaster as well as the usual specialities, the courses are run through out the year in preparation for the diving season or diving abroad.

Conditions Report for Scuba Diving in Cardiff, Swansea & South Wales

It has been a very strange diving season in 2017, high winds, heavy rain, cold, damp, blustery conditions and this has continued into September and into October usually two of our better diving months. The conditions at the moment are not good for scuba diving in the South Wales region especially Cardiff and Swansea areas. The surf and swell is huge and constant at the moment, an after thought of the hurricanes out west.

Best option is to hed for the sheltered North facing beaches in Pembrokeshire including Martins Haven and St Brides, the other option as always is to go inland to the training sites in Chepstow and Somerset, but  even they are getting poor viability due to the adverse conditions.


PADI Scuba Diving Training and Courses in Cardiff, Swansea and across South Wales

We are now coming into one of our main seasons for dive training and courses especially with the PADI Open Water Diver Course, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course and the PADI Rescue Diver Course. The pool sessions are initially being held on a day long session in Hebron Hall in Dinas Powys and then in a preferred Open Water Training site.

The courses will consist of Theory and exams as well as confined water training and Open Water Diving to achieve the PADI level of Scuba Diver Training and competency.

Scuba Diving Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales, conditions report 26.02.2016 – The wind has dropped and the swell is down but unfortunately the visibility is poor around the South Wales coast including areas around Cardiff, Swansea, Burry Port and round to Tenby. The water temperature is high for the time of year at 8 – 10 degrees in places.

The best day for calm conditions will be Sunday with the swell and wind calming, the tides are high and must be used to there fullest extent. The high tide is 8am – 8.30pm therefore the best time to dive would be 7am onwards and possibly up to 10.30am on the dropping tides, after this time the rule of twelfths will come into play and the tide will run significantly faster after 10.30am.

The best areas will be Stakepole Quay in Tenby then towards the pembrokeshire coastline, with areas far more protected in these regions. Area close to Cardiff and Swansea will be Dive able but with limited visibility.

The inland areas have still got good visibility and water temperatures for the time of year, due to these facts we will be offering our PADI Open Water course training dives in the inland sites as well as the PADI Advanced Open Water Course and the PADI Rescue course.

Next week will see the start of our next PADI Open Water Diver course in Cardiff, for students from all over the South Wales region.