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September is upon us and with it brings more new prospective divers to us. The team has been hard at work in Hebron Hall, Cardiff, today teaching a new group the PADI Open Water Diving Course. With the pool session compleated which outlined the fundimental skills of diving e.g. mask skills, dive kit, reg skills, boyancy, and compleating they’re theory test which gives the comprehensive information on diving, they will all be certified open water divers after theyre open water excursion on the 20th and 21st.

At the end of this month we will be training a few skilled and interested individuals in the PADI Rescue Diver course in Cardiff, Swansea and across South Wales. Which will set them on the path of becoming a Dive Master once they have gained the nessesary experiance.

Thanks to our skilled team everything is moving like clockwork with no injuries and everyone passing.

We have been offering Scuba Diving Instructional Courses at our centers in Cardiff and Swansea for the past 15 Years and I am proud of what we have achieved. We have instructed thousands of people to Dive and not one of them has ever regretted it.

As a center e teach many course’s including Surfing, Gorge walking, Canyoning, Kayaking and many other water based activities. But Scuba Diving is the only one which is available for all and gives instant gratification.

The first time just trying the scuba gear on and entering into the water is a truly amazing experience, to breath see and feel underwater is wonderful but then to float with neutral bouyancy and complete weightlessness is awe enspiring.

The PADI Open water Diver Course is the first course to becoming a diver and anyone above the age of 8 can start. The great thing about diving is that anyone can do it and the pay back is not how fit or fast you are, but how chilled relaxed and what you feel and Sea.

Between all of the staff in our Diving Centers in Cardiff and swansea we have been priverlaged to Dive accross the world including South Africa, thialand, Egypt, Australia, Caribean, Indonesia and the Maldives. This is not a sport its a life stlye and the only one we could imagine.