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Scuba Diving conditions report for Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales 11.03.2016 – The weather has definately settled over the past few days and looks clear for the next few days after. The wind has dropped and the swell has eased with settled conditions along the coastline. There could be a possibility of diving conditions being acceptable in regions of Swansea and South Wales over the next few days. The visibility may be poor due to the recent weather and sea movement but the water course should be safe and settled.

Areas of the mumbles in Swansea should suit best such as Oxwich bay which will see the better conditions though the next few days, areas such as stackpole quay further west should also have good settled conditions. The tide however is huge at the moment which should always be taken into consideration. We have had the biggest tides of the year over the past few days especially in areas around Cardiff and Swansea, up to 12 meters. This means the use of the rule of twelths is essential to predict the best dive times in the area, Generally the morning would be better with the tidal patterns and tidal streams.

We are running the PADI Open Water Diver course at the moment in Cardiff and Swansea to our new novice divers, the course will initially be held in the swimming pool in Cardiff and Swansea and then into the Open water for the full certification. The course will allow the students to dive worldwide up to 18 meters, we do however advise the divers as they are new to the experience be guided whilst developing there experience.


Scuba Diving Conditions report for Cardiff, Swansea and South Wales area – In all my days I don’t think I can remember a winter like this one. We have had summer temperatures, floods, gales force winds, huge swells, freezing temperatures, warmer waters and this was only this week.

The conditions really are crazy at the moment and one thing is for sure, were not dining in the local area at the moment, the conditions are terrible. The swell this week on the coast has been huge, up to 15 foot waves with gale force winds hammering the South Wales coastline.

I would say the best option would be to fly off to Egypt to get some quality diving or even complete the PADI Open Water Diver course but that’s not an option now, not with the troubles in the middle East at the moment. The only thing to do is to dive inland at one of the recognised diving facilities such as Chepstow or Vobster Quay. At least you can get a dive in here and the may even have good visibility.

Were heading off inland to teach the PADI Rescue Diver course on the weekend with Jess, James and Hector from Cardiff University and Dave from Swansea. The course has already been held in the swimming pool at Hebron Hall in Cardiff and at Cardiff University for the 1st Aid, were now completing the Open Water section of the course for the students to obtain there qualification.