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Scuba Diving South Wales, West Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Llanelli , Carmarthen regions
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LOCAL AREA – South Wales, Cardiff CF105BZ , Porthcawl CF365DH , Swansea SA20AY , Bridgend CF311BB , Southerndown CF320RN , Newport NP202UW ,Ogmore by Sea CF320PH , Llantwit Major , Oxwich Bay SA31LS , Aberavon SA12 6QP , Stackpole Quay SA715DZ , Llanelli SA154SG .
SITE LOCATION –┬áSker Beach, Limeslade Bay, langland Bay, Oxwich Bay, Stackpole Quay

Scuba Diving Wales, South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Carmarthenshire 30th April 2020- Mixed bag this week with varied winds from all directions including Westerly and Easterly, this will affect South Wales Coastline for sea conditions and inshore water access across the region. Best place to dive would be in West Wales in Martins Haven and St Brides bay as well with the coastline protected facing towards the North. The swell is also varied this week and will affect mainly South and West facing beaches and again will have little affect on the protected North Facing Beaches in West Wales. Weather is colder than the last few weeks but strong Easterly winds have died down dropping the wind chill.

PADI and SSI Open Water Diver courses in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and South Wales – All our PADI and SSI courses are being run remotely at the moment due to the social distancing policy. Both SSI and PADI Open Water diver courses are run online which is completed prior to the practical pool training session.

WIND AND SWELL FORECAST– Wednesday 29th April Wind 22 W . Swell 3 Foot / Thursday 30th April Wind 28 S . Swell 9 Foot / Friday 1st May Wind 21 W . Swell 7 Foot / Saturday 2nd May Wind 23 W . Swell 6 Foot / Sunday 3rd May Wind 18 E . Swell 5 Foot / Monday 4th May Wind 8 SW . Swell 5 Foot / Tuesday 5th May Wind 18 E . Swell 3 Foot / Wednesday 6th May Wind 19 E . Swell 3 Foot . Winds are variable through out the week and up to 30 mph, must be checked on a daily basis to assess suitability.

RAIN FALL – Rain through the week but not predicted to be heavy, more patchy rain in South Wales.
SEA STATE and SWELL – Varied directions of the wind this week and bigger swells will mean choppier and stormier sea conditions especially Wednesday and Thursday.
HIGH TIDE – Wednesday 29th April 11.14pm / 8.17 meters SEA TEMPERATURE – 10 DEGREES
RIVER LEVEL and TEMPERATURE – 0.22 meters high and 7 Degrees (
EXPECTED RIVER LEVEL OVER NEXT 72 HOURS – 0.22 -meters – .30 meters

PADI Scuba Diving Courses

Want to learn to Scuba Dive? Ocean Quest are a PADI® International award winning dive centre, running courses across South Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea, Bridgend and Porthcawl.