Scuba Diving Cardiff, Swansea 20th February 2020

Scuba Diving Cardiff, Swansea 20th February 2020

Scuba Diving Conditions Report for South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Llanelli , Carmarthen regions
ACTIVITIES - Scuba Diving, Sub Aqua, Scuba, Free Diving, Snorkelling
LOCAL AREA - South Wales, Cardiff CF105BZ , Porthcawl CF365DH , Swansea SA20AY , Bridgend CF311BB , Southerndown CF320RN , Newport NP202UW ,Ogmore by Sea CF320PH , Llantwit Major , Oxwich Bay SA31LS , Aberavon SA12 6QP , Stackpole Quay SA715DZ , Llanelli SA154SG .
SITE LOCATION - Sker Beach, Limeslade Bay, langland Bay, Oxwich Bay, Stackpole Quay

WEATHER - The weather has been extremely volatile over the last few weeks, storm Ciara and Storm Dennis have caused havoc in the local area and across the UK. Floods have been occurring all over the country especially in local towns such as Pontypridd, Nantgarw and Taffs Wells with the Rivers Taff and Ely breaking their banks on a daily basis. The weather ahead is also volatile but not as severe but the land is saturated so any rain fall will be damaging. Rain is predicted Thursday, saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday this week with the heaviest predicted on Thursday. The other factor this week is the wind again generally 40 mph winds from the West continuously this week. Stormy weather again so plan ahead. (

WIND -  Very strong winds again this week predominantly from the South West and West. Average speed will be 30 mph and getting up to excess of 45 mph Westerly and South Westerly through out the next few days and into next week. The wind is due to be the strongest next Monday with up to 47 mph so extreme caution is required especially after storms
SEA STATE and SWELL -  Again very rough sea's across the whole of South Wales with gale force Westerly and South Westerly winds. Big swells and surf forcaste for the region and strong Rip currents and lateral currents through the channel.
SWELL and SURF FORECAST Thursday 02 February 2020 11ft/ Friday 21 February 2020 11ft / Saturday 22 February 2020 11ft /Sunday 23 February 2020 8ft/ Monday 24 February 2020 10ft / Tuesday 25 February 2020 10ft /Wednesday 26 February 2020 10ft / Thursday 27 February 2020 ft
HIGH TIDE - Thursday 20th February - 4.33pm / 8.22 meters WATER TEMPERATURE - 9 DEGREES

Scuba Diving Wales, South Wales, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Carmarthenshire 20th February 2020 - Scuba Diving this week has again been affected by the adverse wind and weather conditions. High winds, big swells, choppy seas, stormy conditions and overall severe weather means that scuba diving in the South Wales region will be unsuitable definitely for the next few days at least. The visibility will also be down to very low and the water temperature is also at its lowest. Stay out of the sea for the next few days and head off to the inland sites for the better Scuba diving next to Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and the surrounding areas.

PADI and SSI Open Water Diver courses in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport and South Wales - PADI Cardiff scuba diving courses are offered through out the year what ever the weather and the same for the SSI scuba diving courses. From complete beginner to experience and Instructional levels. The PADi Open Water Diver course and the PADI Open Water Diver Course are the two main international licences and allow a qualified diver to dive anywhere in the world up to 18 meters. Our full programme is listed on our web site.

SSI Certifications & Courses

SSI Try Scuba

Feel what it's like to breath underwater, go scuba diving in confined water and earn the SSI Try Scuba recognition card. 

Conducted in our swimming pool, the SSI Try Scuba program is a diving adventure the whole family can enjoy.
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SSI Open Water Diver

The SSI Open Water Diver certification will allow you to dive anywhere in the world, with whoever you want. 

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SSI Advanced Adventurer

After you've completed the SSI Open Water Diver certification, this is the next step. With the SSI Advanced Adventurer, you'll learn to extend your dive times, reduce your air consumption and dive deeper.  
You'll start to become a confident and safe diver whose comfortable underwater.
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SSI Specialties

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SSI Dive Guide

Do you dream of having a career in diving? 

The SSI Dive Guide course will teach you to lead other certified divers underwater, giving you the skills and experience to ensure others can enjoy your passion safely.
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PADI Certifications & Courses

PADI Discover Scuba

A fun introduction into what it takes to breathe underwater and explore this hidden world. 

Although it’s not a certification you’ll learn the key skills and what it takes to become a PADI certified diver.
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PADI Open Water Diver

Your Scuba Diving journey starts here. Start with supported theory and study programme, move to the pool to practice your skills and then experience four open water dives. 

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PADI Advanced Open Water

This course is the next step after you have completed the PADI Open Water Diver certification. 

The course called the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver because you will advance your scuba diving knowledge and skills.
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PADI Rescue Diver

You will learn to prevent and manage problems in the water and on the surface and become more confident in your skills as a diver. 

You will become a better, safer diver and a better buddy too. It’s challenging but rewarding.
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PADI Divemaster

Your first step of professional PADI training. You will be a leader who motivates and mentors other scuba divers. 

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PADI Specialties

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