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  • A new month

    Another month has come and gone but thats good news because not only is Christmas closer but we have loads of new PADI scuba diving courses starting in Cardiff and Swansea as well as all over South Wales. Good luck to everyone at Chepstow NDAC today on their PADI open water and advanced courses. Don’t […]

  • Scuba Diving courses for all

    Well were back in the open water this weekend completeing our PADI open Water Diving course, we have 6 students based in cardiff, swansea, bridgend and even aberyswthy. We wish thenm all the best look and we will keep you updated on their completion, looking forward to taking them diving for the next few years

  • Wash away thoughs winter blues!

    Winter is just around the corner but there is no better time to start diving! The water is at its warmest and to top it off we are heading to Sharm El Sheikh, the worlds premier dive spot in November and February. Why not take a course while your there and take advantage of our […]

  • Welcome to our world!

    Well done to everyone who gained their refferal diver qualification yesterday! Don’t forget we have PADI scuba diving courses starting weekly across South Wales. Get started now while the waters nice an warm!

  • Welcome to the underwater world.

    Well done to everyone who has completed the pool section of the PADI open water course! On to the open water next! Then Advanced and Rescue and for any of you budding instructors the ‘PADI Dive Master Challenge’. Dont forget new course starting across South Wales every week. Also Save the Children Paddle for life […]

  • Cardiff, Swansea and West Wales Scuba Diving Coures’s

    Well another hectic week, we have been running scuba diving courses in cardiff, swansea and West wales this week. Firstly we have been running the PADI open water diver course in swansea swimming pool on a wednesday evening with some of the guys from swansea completing their 4 open water dives over the weekend to […]


    Busy week of diving over and another about to begin! PADI open water and advanced open water courses running in Cardiff and Swansea and rescue course just finioshed! Well done to all newly qualified PADI divers, welcome to the underwater world. Also congratulations to all the guys who passed their advanced and rescue course last […]

  • Lets take the plunge!

    The start of  a new month and lots of new divers starting their PADI open water course in Cardiff, Swansea and Porthcawl as well as all over South Wales. Come and join us for a free try dive, call now to book on 01656 783310. Good luck to all on their PADI Advanced Open Water […]

  • PADI Open Water and Rescue Course

    Good luck to everyone on their PADI open water and rescue diver course at Chepstow this weekend. Don’t forget we have courses starting weekly in and around Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Bridgend, Porthcawl and Neath.

  • PADI open water course.

    PADI open water scuba diving course next weekend taking place in Chepstow. Students from Swansea, Cardiff, Porthcawl, Bridgend, Newport and all over South Wales taking part. Good luck to all!