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Try the the scuba Cardiff experience rivals anything you’ll find abroad.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. There are certain things that you know

are going to be fantastic but for some reason you’ve always kept putting

them off. Some people have their own ‘bucket list’ – a mental rundown of

experiences they would like to try while there’s still time, but getting round to

ticking the items off the list is often another story! Scuba diving often features

prominently on such lists. The possibility of exploring a whole new underwater

world; getting close up to sea creatures and moving freely over a completely

unfamiliar sub-aqua terrain. It’s certainly enticing. So what’s putting you off?

Scuba diving is easier, cheaper and more accessible than you think. If you’ve

always fancied having a go, there really is nothing to stopping you!

ocean Quest scuba diver

It’s time to dispel three of the most frequently-encountered myths that stop too many people taking the plunge, and here they are:


“Scuba-diving is only for abroad”

Wrong. Here in the UK, we’re blessed with countless locations for scuba

diving. After all wherever you are in the UK, you’re never more than a couple

hours drive away from the sea and most of us are a lot closer than that! The

range of sites is amazing and we have thousands of miles of coastline dotted

with reefs and shore beds of all different varieties. These locations are home

to a spectacular array of marine life – from native crustaceans, impressive

anemones and spectacular shoals of fish right through to seals, sea-otters,

whales and even sharks. Also, if wrecks are what attract you, our rich

maritime history ensures you’re spoilt for choice. South Wales is no exception

to this. Thanks to being on the doorstep of hundreds of miles of stunning

Heritage Coast, you can guarantee that the scuba Cardiff experience rivals

anything you’ll find abroad.


“You have to be super-fit to scuba dive”

Wrong. Scuba diving is a universal sport and is enjoyed by children as young

as ten right through to people who’ve been diving for 60 or more years! In

fact, it’s the ideal family activity and is a great way to keep fit. You can be

introduced gently to it as well to make sure that when you do take to the open

sea, you’ll be doing so with full back-up. Firstly, an instructor will make sure

you fully understand the theoretical side of things before getting the basic

technique right in a pool setting. Very quickly, you’ll find that scuba diving

becomes second nature and when you do venture into open water, you’ll be

able to do so with complete confidence.


“Scuba diving is expensive.”

Wrong. You don’t have to shell out on hundreds of pounds worth of kit in

order to learn how to scuba dive. For one thing, it’s possible to hire out

equipment at incredibly attractive rates. What you probably want to do first of

all is to try and get a feel for the sport and a  scuba diving taster course

at Ocean Quest is the ideal way of doing that. Once you finally dive in, the

chances are that you’ll be hooked.

Try scuba diving for £15 and if you go on to book a diving course the £15 is taken off course price.
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What are you waiting for? Give scuba diving a go and find out for yourself.

The Welsh capital city of Cardiff attracts holidaymakers with its vibrant nightlife scene, rich culture and wide range of historical attractions. This coastal city is also blessed with clear waters, and scuba diving Cardiff is quickly becoming a popular activity among people who enjoy spending time under the surface of the water.

There is a large number of companies that offer special scuba diving in Cardiff packages, including rental of all the equipment and trips to explore the watery underworld. Cardiff is an excellent place to earn your PADI license, and people travel to Cardiff from all over the world to become fully qualified scuba divers. Visitors can take their pick from a wide range of alternative scuba diving trips as well, including open water diving and night diving. The waters just off the coast of Cardiff are cool, clear and simply teeming with a whole host of colourful marine life, which makes scuba diving in Cardiff an excellent option for people of all experience levels.

The waters off Cardiff Bay are an excellent place to try scuba diving, and trips are organised from here all year round. Barry Island is situated just off the coast towards Cardiff International Airport and is another excellent scuba diving destination. Companies offer to combine scuba diving trips with snorkelling, jet skiing and a wide range of other exciting aquatic activities, which means that visitors can spend the entire day messing about in the water if they wish.

Taking a scuba diving trip in Cardiff is a great way to meet like-minded people and try something a little bit different while on holiday. Unlike many other parts of the world, the waters here are rarely crowded by boats and people, meaning that divers will find plenty of space to spread out and enjoy the experience to the full.

Among the diverse range of enchanting sea creatures and other types of marine life that are waiting in the waters to be discovered by divers are enormous schools of jacks as well as tuna and jelly fish. Visitors to Cardiff who take a diving trip will also have the chance to swim amongst groups of blue spotted stingrays, puffer fish and moray eels. Keen photographers will have plenty of time to get snap happy and capture the action on film so that they can relive the experience time and time again and share it with friends and family back home.

One of the great things about choosing to go scuba diving in Cardiff is that people who want to chill out for a while in between dives will find a wide range of other exciting entertainment options to make use of. Cardiff Bay has recently been renovated and features a whole host of shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Cardiff is also famous for its quirky historical landmarks such as Cardiff Castle, City Hall, Cosmeston Medieval Village, St Fagans National History Museum, the National Museum of Cardiff and the Norwegian Church, while sports fans will want to catch a match at the impressive Millennium Stadium.