Cardiff, Swansea and West Wales Scuba Diving Coures’s

Well another hectic week, we have been running scuba diving courses in cardiff, swansea and West wales this week. Firstly we have been running the PADI open water diver course in swansea swimming pool on a wednesday evening with some of the guys from swansea completing their 4 open water dives over the weekend to become certified PADI open water divers.


We have also been running scuba diving courses in cardiff and after initially doing the open water course, some of the guys are doing their Advanced Open Water Diver course in west wales. the guys have come from camarthen, swansea and cardiff for the dive trip in west.


We are back in the pool on wednesday running our swansea scuba diving sessions getting ready for the open water section of the courses. Afetr that we are back with a group of guys completeing their scuba diving course in cardiff. Well good luck to everyone and happy diving!

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